8B 2017年 常州二十四中期中考试试卷

Feb. 11, 2018 2017年8B 二十四中期中考试


( )1.There _____ much rain in my hometown, but now it is getting a little dry.

A. used to have

B. were once

C. used to be

D. was used to be

( ) 2. Though he lives _______ in the _____ village, he doesn’t feel ______ for he has many things to do.

A. alone; lonely; lonely

B. alone; lonely; alone

C. lonely; alone; alone

D. lonely; alone; lonely

( )3. It ______over 10 years since my grandpa_________.

A. was; died

B. was; had been dead

C. has been; died

D. is ; has died ( ) 4.---_______ did your uncle leave for the capital of Denmark?

----Let me see. He ______ for nearly 20 months.

A. When; has left

B. When; has been away

C. How long; has left

D. How long; has been away

( ) 5. –How many students are there in each group?

---Usually each group ________ six students in our class.

A. is made from

B. is made up of

C. is made in

D. is made of

( ) 6. Miss Chen _____ be in the office now, for she went to attend a meeting this morning. She won’t be back _______ 5 o’clock this afternoon.

A. mustn’t ; until

B. maybe; before

C. may not; after

D. can’t; until ( ) 7.---Lucy, do you have any plans to spend your ________.

---Maybe I will go to Shenzhen. I have never visited _______ city.

A. five days’ holiday; the most fantastic

B. five days holiday; the most fantastic

C. five-day holiday; a more fantastic

D. five-days holiday; a more fantastic ( ) 8.When you go to a foreign country for the first time, you may not know _________, But soon you’ll get used to it.

A. where to go to

B. who to talk about

C. how to ask for help

D. what to order it in a restaurant

( ) 9.Reading a novel _______ me over 3 hours last Sunday.

A. took

B. spent

C. cost

D. paid

( ) 10. –It is too hot in the classroom. Would you mind _______ the fan?

---_______. It is easy to catch a cold after doing some exercise.

A. to turn up; Of course not

B. to turn up ; Good idea